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Sixty dogs live in a fabulous house on the shore of a forest lake in Mochalovo, near the town of Kaluga.
They are never hungry and are taken good care of, they are active and happy, they are not locked in cages or tied with chains.
They have a yard where they play. Every day they go to the forest, swim in the river, and every day they return to their sweet home, to their favourite corner where a bowl of food is waiting for them. And which is more, they have their loving masters, who caress the pets and give their attention to each of them.
Isn't it a real dogs' paradise?
      " Dogs' Paradise" doesn't have the status of a dogs' refuge or a shelter for homeless dogs. We don't make money on our pets or breed them. We don't get any subsidies from the state or test any dogs' dry food. We can't save all dogs in need, but we can make happy those which we adopt.
     Our life can't be called easy. But though to walk and feed all the dogs is timeconsuming, it is not very difficult. It is more difficult to protect them. We constantly face slander and threats. Some wicked people want to kill our dogs and burn our house. In fact we never feel safe in the house.
    However, we are responsible for our actions and for the dogs we adopted and we are still determined to try to make the world a little bit happier.

 When we bought our land, we decided to take up dairy farming.
Hoping that in future cheese production from goat and sheep milk 
will help us keep our dogs.  

This is how our farm  looked yet at Christmas before the arson

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